Welcome to this blog. If you are here, this means that you are either a student who wants to start a career in information security industry, or a developer who wants to secure the code you write, or a bug bounty hunter who struggles to find its way to bugs, or a penetration tester who is always hungry to discover, learn and share ideas in the wonderful land of ethical hacking.

Well, you came to the right place! This blog will serve your needs.

I’m a penetration tester by day and a bug bounty hunter by night. I also worked as a Triage Analyst for Hackerone.

My day-to-day job includes meeting with clients and developers, understanding their needs, performing penetration testing, writing professional reports and helping the client understand the risks and fix the vulnerabilities. Besides, I conduct phishing campaigns and social engineering attacks to raise the employees security awareness.

I do bug bounty hunting in my free time, where I primarily hack on Hackerone. I’m known as thehackerish.

I’m an OSCP, and I hold the AWS Solution Architect and the AWS Security Specialty Certifications.

I hope you enjoy your stay.