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    Hello ethical hackers. Today, I will go through the red team training courses and certifications I took this year. If you would like to pursue a career in red teaming and don’t know which certifications to take, this is for you. Why Red team training? First of all, let me tell you why I chose …
  • Top 7 Privilege Escalation Tricks and How to Defend against them
    In this post, I will show you 7 ways you can use right now for privilege escalation to get Root on any Linux target! And you can replicate the exact steps in publicly accessible hands-on labs. This is also for defenders who want to learn how to prevent these attacks. Penetration testers typically have limited …
  • Easy and free Active Directory lab setup
    In this article, you will build your personal Active Directory lab, for free, to practice Active Directory hacking. If you are a cyber security student or a pentester, you should definitely learn how Active Directory works and how to hack it. In fact, it is used by almost all the customers you will be serving …
  • How to easily setup a hacking lab for Android apps using Genymotion in 5 steps
    Introduction: Why is an Android hacking lab necessary? In this article, I will show you how you can easily set up you own Android hacking lab that is ready to start learning, practicing and testing Android applications of your customers. With the huge market of mobile applications, knowing how to test Android applications for security …
  • The best hacking books for ethical hackers
    Hello Ethical Hackers! Today I share with you the best hacking books I enjoyed reading since the beginning of my career in Information Security! I will constantly update the list as I read more, but you already have enough hacking books to get you started in the information security industry. It also contains some advanced …
  • CRTO (Certified red team operator) honest review
    Hello dear ethical hackers, welcome to this new blog post about red teaming. Today, I will give you my honest review of CRTO (certified red team operator certification) from Zeropoint Security. A brief context  In the middle of this year, I tackled the Rastalabs Pro lab on hackthebox.eu. Like the Offshore lab, my biggest complaint …